Use Active Directory Domain Services to Block Web Site

Use Active Directory Domain Services to Block Web Site

You are able to block or redirect a web page making use of settings on your firewall or router. But are you aware that it is possible to block or redirect internet sites making use of Active Directory Domain solutions (DNS) too? Just utilize these actions.

This guide assumes you’ve got Administrator legal rights in your Active Directory Environment, with use of Microsoft Management Console.

Producing Forward Lookup Zone

  1. Choose “Start“, type “mmc.exe“, then hit “Enter“.
  2. The Microsoft Management Console seems. Choose “File” > “Add/Remove Snap In…“.
  3. Include the “DNS” snap in, then select “OK“
  4. Select “DNS” regarding the pane that is left. You need to be prompted to “Connect to DNS Server“. Choose “This computer” if you’re logged to the DNS host, or select “The following computer” and enter the domain title or internet protocol address of this DNS host you intend to hook up to. Choose “OK” when you’re done.
  5. Now expand the host title under DNS and“Forward that is right-click Lookup” and select “New Zone“.
  6. This new Zone Wizard seems. Select “Next”.
  7. Choose “Primary Zone“, then select “Next“.
  8. Choose “To all DNS servers operating on domain controllers in this domain“, select“Next“ then.
  9. For the “Zone name“, type the Address for the web site you want to block (for example.,, etc.), then select “Next“.
  10. Select “Do not allow powerful updates“, then select “Next” > “Finish“. At this point you have set a Forward Lookup Zone which will “take over” any requests compared to that domain in your system.

Note: it might devote some time with this environment to call wix com propagate to customers. You might restart, or use the ipconfig /flushdns demand to be sure DNS inquiries aren’t cached at all.

Redirecting the URL

If you wish to redirect the Address to a different Address, you should use these actions:

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